In the press

The New York Times, USA

"…In Sonic Evolutions, Lincoln Center’s celebration of Dutch composer Louis Andriessen…the Dutch ensemble ELECTRA‘s Andriessen works were theatrical and varied…"

"…Chiel Meijering’s rhythmically sharp-edged Milk en Luiman was hypnotic and, through a stream of energetic vocalizations, ritualistic…"

"…Using the ensemble’s full resources – voice, recorder, electric violin and percussion, as well as ample electronic effects – Donnacha Dennehy created a fabric of constantly changing textures that was often viscerally thrilling…"

"…Belinda Reynolds work’s kinship with Mr. Andriessen’s music was in the hypnotically repetitive percussion line, over which the violin traced an alluring melody …"

"…ELECTRA performed the work (Workers Union) as
a virtuosic percussion solo by the ensemble’s superb percussionist, Tatiana Koleva …"

"…brilliantly played performance…an explosive
energy …."

The Daily Telegraph, UK

"…A lighter note was struck in ‘The New Math(s)’, Hal Hartley and Dutch composer Louis Andriessen collaborated on this charming short, a comic martial-arts love triangle fought out before a blackboard covered with mathematical formulae. The music, played live by the excellent four piece ELECTRA ensemble, was amiable post-Stravinsky…"

De Volkskrant,
The Netherlands

"…The program of the ensemble ELECTRA will certainly entertain the New York audience…film, video, and sound samples combine with recorder, percussion, violin and soprano. Glistening outfits and a well thought-out direction enliven the stage…like charming Spice Girls, the women dictate the bizarre Shopping List of a Female Poisoner…and Andriessen’s earlier works still firmly hold their ground next to the new ones…"

"…Princesses bring Andriessen ‘uptown’… "

Oorsprong (The Source),
The Netherlands

"…ELECTRA consists of four skilled and musically impeccable women that interpret an intriguing repertoire (including video projections). They seduced the public, which was made up of young people and multimedia-fans … their performance was a powerful trailblazer for the rest of the festival…"

Het Brabants Dagblad,
The Netherlands

"…Exciting music in an unusual instrumentation…"

"…four women soloists at top-level, not a moment of tedium, unexpected and exciting encounters with yet-unknown composers. They must return to The Link…"

Irish Times, Ireland

"…Major impact at the Waterford festival’s (ELECTRA concert) came from a 1970’s Andriessen classic, Worker’s Union, heard in a metallically explosive version for solo percussion (Tatiana Koleva) and tape…"


Chief editor Daniela Gortcheva reviews two Amsterdam performances

"…on the foreground of this exceptional ‘anatomical’ lesson in music we see the girls from ELECTRA…"

"…ELECTRA can really charge the place. They are more than only professional musicians – they are also perfect and enthusiastic actors, gifted to reproduce the beauty…"

Kieler Nachrichten, Germany

ELECTRA at the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival: "Sound-streams in words and sandpaper"

" …ELECTRA opened the series in Kiel…the Amsterdam based women’s quartet presented [Witches & Bitches] to their enthusiastic public in the Halle 400…"

"…the technical brilliance of the musicians…"

"…their instrumentation already presents a contrast: violin, recorder, percussion and voice. This results in the program Witches &a Bitches – an attractive confrontation…"

Flensburger Tageblatt, Germany

"…Women’s quartet ELECTRA made their public smile…"

"…the quartet draws a charming line through the ticklish theme, in between avant-garde of the 21st century and rock/pop…"

"…invited us to see and hear the Netherlands differently…"


Daniela Gortcheva writes about the premiere of Witches & Bitches

"…Witches & Bitches is a show of music and theater; all music was written by different composers especially for ELECTRA. The fifth element by Corrie van Binsbergen features an elegant mixture of jazz, rock and classical music. The outcome is an unbelievable aesthetic pleasure for the audience… Marilyn by Jacob ter Veldhuis irradiates passion and gentleness, grief and sensuality – a tragic, vulnerable and proud Marilyn Monroe…The enchantresses from ELECTRA all live in the Netherlands, and perform all over the world…"

The Munster Express, Ireland

"…The ELECTRA concert was the highlight of the week…an exciting evening of mixed styles…"