ELECTRA's Second Life

Reality enhanced by illusions

A few years ago, the Second Life website was all over the news. The site’s visitors can choose an alter ego and lead a second life in a virtual fantasy world: a world that has an uncanny resemblance to the real world. The grey area between reality and illusion is the inspiration for the new show:
ELECTRA’s Second Life

The result of a lengthy exchange of ideas and research with the U.C.C. (Utrecht Composers Collective), this project heralds two new adventures for ELECTRA: working with a team of composers (the U.C.C.), and integrating a fifth player into the band (Sonsoles Alonso, piano/keyboard).

For more info visit: www.electrassecondlife.nl

The Program

Paul Bruinen (1958): Suster Bertken (2010)
Michèl Koenders (1961): In Search Of Cohen’s Kappa (2010)
Barbara Woof (1958): Half-Hanged Mary (2010)
Jorrit Tamminga (1973): Ghost Notes (2010)

Shows 2010

26 November: De Kikker, Utrecht, the Netherlands
28 November: AXES, Eindhoven, the Netherlands
30 November: Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Shows 2011

27 January, 20.30: De Regentes, The Hague, the Netherlands
13 February, 15.00: Corrosia, Almere, the Netherlands

Illusion & Reality

ELECTRA’s Second Life: five musicians, four composers and one audio-visual artist come together in a ghostly play between illusion and reality. A show that breaks boundaries and searches for meaning: are our illusions part and parcel of our own reality, or rather shadows and mist, shielding us from ‘true’ reality? We find our dreams and fears on the internet. Second Life represents a door to our own illusions. One can create an alter ego, add supernatural powers, have everything one’s heart desires.

Together with audio-visual artist Marcel Wiercks, the composers of the U.C.C. (Paul Bruinen, Michèl Koenders, Jorrit Tamminga and Barbara Woof), ELECTRA and Sonsoles Alonso are creating a complete show, exploring the fascinating and disturbing issue of alter egos. 3-D sound, live electronics and multiple video projections guide the audience through a labyrinth of illusion and reality.

ELECTRA and the U.C.C. share a basic common factor: each group consists of a team with their differences combining and complementing each other, without detracting from their individual personalities. ELECTRA presents contemporary composed music often in combination with film, live video and theatre; the U.C.C is seeking new paths in combining live music with electronics in addition to many other elements. The U.C.C. has extensive experience writing for ensembles and live electronics, making effective, theatrical, visually alluring projects. ELECTRA promises to expand the group’s sound while sharpening their work with sound and electronics.

The U.C.C.

The U.C.C. has a record of producing high-quality collaborative works in which each composer has artistic input. While the collective ideas of the U.C.C. are the driving force behind this project, a brief mention of the four composers follows:
Composer Michèl Koenders is also an expert programmer and audio engineer, and offers ELECTRA further insight into the use of computer composition, music software development and 3D-audio software. Jorrit Tamminga’s extensive experience in composing for instruments and electronics is legendary; he specialized in electronic composition and sound synthesis. His use of slashing lines, weaving rhythms en silky-soft sound illusions promise to expand ELECTRA‘s sound in his new work for ensemble and live electronics. Paul Bruinen adds yet another element to his proposed new work, using both tapes and live electronics to crystallize a piece about the brilliant and provocative topic of a second life where everything is more : bigger, better, more beautiful, smarter, faster. Barbara Woof’s integrity as a composer is indisputable. Her concept that a musical language should be developed for each piece, with a range of musical and formal ideas. Her work produces unique results, emphasizing the integration and transformation of ideas.

ELECTRA’s Second Life is produced by the Utrecht Composers Collective in collaboration with Marcel Wierckx.