In their acclaimed program ELECTRA & FILM, the group presents several intriguing works combined with images. ELECTRA worked closely with each of the composers throughout the composition process.

Live video & images

Based on Japanese haiku, Ron Ford’s Seeds of Paradise is an intensely soft, magical piece which draws the listener into a new sound world, accompanied by images of flowers budding and wilting captured on film by J.C. Mol in 1932. Ron Ford, about Seeds of Paradise: “…essential to the piece is the fact that the performers are asked to play as soft as possible, but amplified, creating as it were a sound under a microscope. As haikus create a world from just a few words, so in ‘Seeds of Paradise is a small sound opened up to the listener.“ In her atmospheric work Between You and Me…, Belinda Reynolds examines lies and secrets. Sound samples from interviews with women can be heard together with live video projections of original photos of the women whose voices she sampled. Marilyn’s roots are obvious- in Jacob ter Veldhuis’ new work, the rhythms and nuances of Marilyn Monroe’s recorded voice literally shape the music. Donnacha Dennehy approaches his work ‘The Weathering’ from not only an aural but also a visual/theatrical standpoint. World premiere of The Weathering: ELECTRA‘s 2004 concert at Lincoln Center in New York.

Music & animation

What comes first- the animation or the music? –with the gifted duo Sjeng Schupp and Michiel van Dijk (Vinex Productions), it could be one or the other. The duo bounce the two elements off of each other during the creative process, resulting in an eerily perfect fit of music and animation. Maverick Chiel Meijering, ’an outsider among Dutch composers’, wrote a piece for ELECTRA featuring it’s percussionist rapping in Bulgarian (her native language) as a percussive solo instrument in itself.


The collaboration between ELECTRA and Louis Andriessen has always challenged the group to break boundaries, such as using only their voices (Shopping List of a Poisoner), and adapting to such new instruments as the traverso, in order to achieve the kind of sound he wanted in The New Math(s). ELECTRA created their own theatrical version of Andriessen’s Shopping List of a Poisoner, featuring four voices and a nail on sandpaper. ELECTRA performs from memory, accompanied by a terrifying shopping list on screen. Workers Union is a relentless spectacle, performed brilliantly by ELECTRA‘s percussionist. Irish Times : “…Major impact at the Waterford festival’s (ELECTRA concert) came from a 1970′s Andriessen classic, Workers Union, heard in a metallically explosive version for solo percussion (Tatiana Koleva) and tape…” ELECTRA’s collaboration with Andriessen and filmmaker Hal Hartley resulted in the acclaimed short film The New Math(s), with ELECTRA recording the soundtrack. ELECTRA now tours world-wide with this amazing film, performing the score live under the screen.