In Industrial Landscapes, musicians of ELECTRA emphasize and unite their individual powers, both as ensemble players and as soloists. The ensemble pieces are written for
ELECTRA , and the solo works are specially arranged or composed for each of them. Each of the pieces is a dramatic performance, incorporating such elements as distortion, electronics, pure metal installation (scaffolding) and the fragility and strength of human voice versus mechanism and industry.

ELECTRA explores the nature of the industrial experience, contrasting the many facets of what could be seen as a relatively recent phenomenon and showing its contradictions in a dramatic reflection of the questions at the heart of modern society. Video projections, including Tonnus Oosterhoff’s ‘floating poem’ MESTRA, guide the public through the show. Industrial Landscapes is structured around four solo works shrouded by two large scale ensemble pieces written specially for the project.

Michael Gordon’s phenomenal Industry for adapted violin and distortion, a variety of industrial environments in Ned McGowan’s Workshop for recorder, Louis Andriessen’s explosive Workers Union for solo percussion and installation, Klas Torstensson’s whirling Urban Solo, Guus Janssen’s large-scale new work MESTRA and the deceptively titled, hard-hitting Sweet Love by Cornelis de Bondt.

Cornelis de Bondt: Sweet Love (2007)
Louis Andriessen: Workers Union (1975/1999 version) for percussion, installation & soundtrack
Michael Gordon: Industry (1992) for amplified adapted violin & electronics
Ned McGowan: Workshop (2004) for recorder and tape
Klas Torstensson: Urban Solo (1991) for solo voice
Guus Janssen: MESTRA (2007)

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