“4 times a liberating murder”

ELECTRA will tour with RACHE (‘REVENGE’) in Spring 2016
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The Ensemble

Diamanda Dramm: violin, voice
Michaela Riener: mezzosoprano, percussion
Susanna Borsch: recorders, voice
Saskia Lankhoorn: keyboards, percussion, voice


Artistic team

The A-team of collaborators: Boudewijn Tarenskeen (composer), Paul Koek (advice/direction), Wende Snijders (stage advice), Cecile Brommer (dramaturg), Micha de Kanter (sound design/artistic advice), Nico de Rooij & Djana Kovic (scenography and light design, visit www.sidf.eu), Peter van Amstel (manager ELECTRA). Clothing sponsored by Leg-Inc.


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